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Shell Extensions for previewing, processing and printing AutoCAD file types within your Outlook and Windows File Explorer Preview Panes and Right-Click Context menus

The Longbow Previewer 2019 

For all AutoCAD 2013......AutoCAD 2021 users...

The Longbow Previewer allows you to quickly preview, process and print AutoCAD file types such as .DWG, .DXF, .DWF, .LSP, .CUIX, .MNU, etc. from within your Outlook and Windows Explorer Preview panes 
without the need to open the file with AutoCAD!

It provides extended AutoCAD related user interface functionality to your Microsoft Outlook (2007 or newer) and/or your Windows File Explorer Preview panes and Right-Click Context menus...

The Longbow Previewer allows your to view AutoCAD file types from Outlook and Windows Explorer without opening AutoCAD itself.

Preview AutoCAD DWG/DXF from within Outlook or Windows Explorer 

  • Preview information and additional capabilities for DWG and DXF file types
    • View zoom-able High resolution preview of the drawing
    • 'Save As' to different AutoCAD file versions
    • Real-time Digital Signature information and verification
    • Full Purgeable objects information
    • Full Audit issues information
    • 'Save As' functionality - export your DWG or DXF to PDF, DWF, DWFX, BMP, FBX, STL, WMF, SAT, EPS and even other DWG and DXF versions of AutoCAD
    • "Quick Print" and "Print" - publish your DWG or DXF without opening AutoCAD

The image below shows a sample view of the Longbow Previewer previewing a DWG file from within an Outlook email, the exact same functionality is available via your your Windows Explorer. As you can see, the original DWG thumbnail is displayed in the bottom right along with a much improved High-Res version just above it...

If you want to have a closer look at the preview image, simply hovering your mouse over the High-Res image will present you with a much more detailed view, as shown below... 

Notice the extremely useful Audit and Purge entries! These entries display the *current* audit and purge status of the DWG file, in real time from inside of your emails! Simply hovering over the entries with your mouse gives you more detailed information about the status of each item, as shown below... 

and the same level of detail is available when hovering your mouse over the Audit entry... 

From within the preview control, you can also SaveAs/Export your attachment to other file types...

If you are 'Saving As' a DWG or DXF file, you can select the AutoCAD DWG format Save version number too!

Once you have selected your required export options, simply click the SaveAs button to execute...

The Digitally Signed/DWG Digital Signature section carries out a full real-time validation check of the DWG file's Digital Signature (if applied) and displays all of the information about the signature.
Here is an example of a different DWG file with a fully verified Digital Signature. (NOTE: some sensitive Digital Signature information has been blanked out) 

Preview support for other common file types

All supported AutoCAD file types/extensions
  • .dwg, .dwt, .bak, .dxf, .dwt, .dws - DWG previewer
  • .dwf, .dwfx - DWF Viewer control
  • .mnu, .cui, .mnl, .pgp, .pat, .mln, .dcl, .cus, .rx, .sat, .scr, .shp, .unt - text previewer
  • .dcl, .lsp, .rx, .cus, .dxx, .err, .ini, .log, .scr - text previewer
  • .cuix - Zip file previewer
  • .xaml - Xaml previewer
  • .atc, .fdc, .aws - XML previewer
  • .arx, .crx, .exe, .dbx, .ctb, .pmp, .pc3, .bin, .dat, .fbx, .hdi - Binary previewer
All other file types/extensions
  • .resources - .NET Software Resources previewer

  • .xml, .xps, .config, .psq, .manifest - XML previewer
  • .csv - Datagrid previewer
  • .isf - Serialized Ink previewer
  • .msi, .msm - Windows Installer previewer, see what you are about to install be fore you install it!
  • .resources, .resx - .NET Software Resources previewer
  • .snk, .keys - .NET Strong name previewer
  • .zip, .gadget - Zip file previewer, quickly views the contents of the Zip file
  • .ctpl, .nfo, .py - text file previewer 

The previous examples are screen shots of AutoCAD file types being previewed inside of Microsoft Outlook (2007 or newer). The following screen shots are using the same technology but this time displaying via the Preview capability inside of the Windows Explorer Preview pane, for more common file types. 
Opening Windows Explorer, inside of Windows 7 for instance, select a zip file via a single click. Then, over on the right side select the Show the Preview Pane button to quickly preview the contents of the ZIP file...

You can also see what is inside an MSI installer package before you install it! Again, single-clicking the file inside of Windows Explorer with the Preview pane enabled gives you detailed information about the MSI file and what files it contains, as shown below...

Windows File Explorer AutoCAD File Batch Processor Shell Extensions

  • Purgeable objects information
  • Audit issues information
  • Batch run drawing Audit (saves fixed files as new "_Audited" file)
  • Batch run full drawing Purge (saves as new "_Purged" file)
  • Batch Plot drawing files 
  • Batch save as different drawing version (saves new drawing as "_<AutoCADVersion>" file e.g MyDrawing_R14.dwg)
  • Batch export drawing files to PDF, DWF, DWFX, BMP, FBX, STL, WMF, SAT, EPS and even other DWG and DXF versions of AutoCAD

When running Windows Explorer, if you want to access the extra tools that the Longbow Previewer installs for your DWG or DXF files, simply navigate to a DWG or DXF file inside Windows Explorer, then Right-click it...

As you can see, right clicking the DWG or DXF gives you access to

  • Audit DWG
    • Show Audit Information
      • Displays the results of an audit run on the file
    • Audit - Complete
      • Runs a complete audit and fix of all objects in the file and saves the audited result as a new file called <originalFileName>_Audited.exe
  • Purge DWG
    • Show Purge Information
      • Displays all purgable objects in the file
    • Purge All
      • Runs a complete purge of all objects in the file and saves the result as a new file called <originalFileName>_Purged.exe
  • Save the DWG to a new file version
    • Save the DWG file as R12, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010 or the latest DWG version that you AutoCAD supports.
  • Save the DWG to a different file type such as PDF, DXF, DXFX, BMP, WMF, EPS, STL, SAT, FBX, etc.
  • Save the DWG as a specifically versioned DXF
  • Print gives you Quick Print functionality. This uses your default printer setup. NOTE: You must have Adobe Reader installed
When running either the Audit Information or Purge Information features, a dialog appears showing the status...

All accessed through Windows Explorer!!! (see below)

Doing the same with Purge displays information about Purgable objects inside of the DWG.

You can save a fully purged or fully audited version of the drawing file by selecting the Audit - Complete menu option for auditing and fixing the whole drawing or the Purge - All menu option for purging the whole drawing file. Either of these options will save a new file with either _Purged or _Audited as the new file suffix, as shown below...

After a short time (depending on the file size) the new fully purged file is automatically saved as the latest AutoCAD DWG file format version, as shown below...

Check out the other functions you can do too, all from Windows Explorer...
  1. Save your drawing file as a different DWG file format version R12, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010 or 2013
  2. Save/Export your drawing file as a different type (perhaps PDF, DWF, BMP, etc)
  3. Completely switch your DWG to a DXF file
  4. Select Print to invoke a Quick Print operation that plots all the Layouts.
Windows File Explorer Shell Extensions - Folder Views
  • Run full Audit and save as new "Audited" file
  • Run full Purge and save as new "Purged" file   
  • SaveAs functionality - right click a DWG or DXF file from within Windows Explorer and export to PDF, DWF, DWFX, BMP, FBX, STL, WMF, SAT, EPS and even other DWG and DXF versions of AutoCAD
The Folder shell extensions are accessed from any folder that you Right-click on. It provides batch processing of DWG and DXF files...

As an example, here's an example of converting all the DWG files inside of folder Project 1 to PDF files. You will see the Longbow Previewer Folder Processor dialog appear, it will process all of the files one by one giving you a report of each...

Right clicking on either the Input File Name or the Output File Name reveals the 'Open...' menu, this will open the file for you to view, allowing you to make any changes you need to make...

You can also hover over the status text to find out what went wrong...

You can download this very powerful and useful software here The Longbow Previewer

NOTE: If you have any special requests for other file types or if you require extra features for previewing files in your emails let us know and we'll create them for you! Please feel free to contact our Support department

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